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Animal Feed

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Image by Łukasz Rawa
Image by Magnus Jonasson
Image by Mathias Reding

Animal grade feed is on the move


Every year, a different part of the region experience challenges we may find we have no control over. Still, the ability to source has always been the same and presented limitations.

More farmers and ranchers are looking for smarter ways to access feed for their animals. The Connect platform offers great opportunities to do business directly with the farmer who can produce those feed grade products.

The NGF Connect platform is proving to be the safest, most secure, and simplest solution to these industry needs.

Farmers, our "Grain & Hay Inspection Form" is available to download to get your listings started.

Farmers and Buyers, get ahold of our team now by requesting a Demo. 

Feed & Hay Account Manager:

Mr. Nathan Rosenau

Grain Inspection Form

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