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NGF Connect

A place for Farmers & Buyers to "Connect" at the touch of a button.

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Current Demand

Reserve your seat at our next webinar/DEMO. Click the arrow to RSVP! 

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All testing and grading is accomplished by our trusted partner, Eurofins. 
Our inspection sample doc is accessible through the "Connect" platform with instructions on pulling a sample and where you can send it.

Testing is complete, pics of your product are taken in the lab, then sent back to you so that you can complete and activate your listing.
This allows consistency and continuity in testing, grading, documentation, and pictures representing the product with our ability to apply product traceability and transparency through the entire process. 

Storage & Shipping updates made easy

No more surprises to your logistics. Get real time updates and messaging. Share your updates and changes through our secure and simple to use message boards. 

Innovation happens here!

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