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agriculture marketplace

Your Listing

Market your crops to Buyers actively sourcing. Auto updates apply to quantity changes, set price changes and get your personal time back. 

Map & Search

You can use the search and map functions to narrow in on the contract opportunities available.


All messages you will receive are done directly through your listing. Even documents shared can be done though messaging. 

Production Contracts

Know there is a Buyer before committing to a new crop and search multiple options in a single location. Negotiate and enter an agreement. 

In Development


All details negotiated are captured to build your contract when selling your listing.

Storage - delivery - payments

Grain Cart

The Grain Cart facilitates the actual purchase of your crop being sold. A contract is developed, payments are made, and settlements are completed.

Crop Samples and Certs

All grading, documentations, and certs are prepared by our trusted partner, Eurofins. This helps to deliver a more consistent protocol with grading and certifications shared. The cost is cheaper and the returned product is faster. 

Our inspection sample doc is accessible through the "Connect" platform when you "Create a Listing" with instructions on pulling a sample and where it can be sent.

Download Grain Inspection Form

Package Sample for Grading

Mail to Eurofins Lab

Attach Cert. to Listing

Prices & Fees

NGF Global fees

Cost to Trade

Guaranteed the best value around.

Determining factors are primarily in 2 categories; Commercial Grains or Specialty Crops. Incentives apply, "Contact Us" and speak with a team member now.


Coming Soon

As a Seller, you can take complete control with the marketing and selling your crops for free or access our team and other tools.


Coming Soon

You will have the ability to get paid per bushel per month directly to store products/crops for a Buyer and deliver at a later date. 

Connect Mobile 2.jpg


How you get paid is your choice.  All payments are outlined through the "Grain Cart" and paid directly to you from the Buyer based on delivery of your products and the parameters of your listing contracted.




Join a community designed for Agribusiness. 

Complete the form and Connect with a representative in your area

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