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Conexión NGF

Un lugar para que los agricultores se "conecten" con los compradores sin complicaciones y una red de mercado global con solo tocar un botón.

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A salvo

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NGF Global introduces a powerful platform designed to revolutionize the way Ag producers and traders interact with each other. Our team works closely with experts in the agriculture industry to create the first ever management and trading platform tailored specifically for the Ag industry. The Agribusiness Solutions Portal is designed to be intuitive, secure and efficient, allowing our users to take control of their business opportunities and maximize their profits. With NGF Global, Ag producers and traders have access to the tools and resources they need to stay competitive and profitable in the industry.

NGF Global Connect process: How it works

Crop Categories



Image by Daniela Paola Alchapar


Dry Field




Coriander Seeds


Your Portal features

Here are a few unique features available to optimize your experience when selling and sourcing through the Connect platform


Grain Cart

Search Map Options

Document Storage

The Buyer and Seller negotiate directly.

No more third party missed details or extended responses

Load up multiple listings and purchase from multiple sellers yet only make a single payment

New map search options. Now, add a truck lane and market directly to farmers along those routes.

All documents are stored and secured for access at later dates.

Contracts / Assy. Sheets / Settlements

Data Driven & on Demand

NGF Certified: varifying crop source and quality from seed to purchase

The QR code auto captures all details of a grain listed through the AgHub Portal. All documents, certs, and specs the grain is what it is, where it came from, and how it got to its delivery point.

The QR code provides a secure story board delivering real traceability and transparency from the farm to the consumer

A separate fee for this tool bringing a complete overview of the crops history from harvest, to storage, to delivery.

supply chain traceability and transparency - qr code, NFT's

Messages, Shipping, Docs, & Alerts

The transaction message board is there to ensure access to any and all updates to your transaction.
All inputs to your message board is time stamped and stored for you to access at your convenience.
Get updates to your logistics or search through loaded documents for signatures.

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More about your tools

I am a Farmer

I am a Buyer

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