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NGF Global- Facilitating the Direct Connections Between Wheat Producers and Buyers

NGF Global revolutionizes the wheat trade industry, connecting producers and buyers directly. Our platform simplifies transactions, ensuring fair pricing for producers and bulk wheat sourcing for buyers. We prioritize simplicity, security, and efficiency, leveraging smart technology to meet everyone's needs.

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Join NGF Global

"Connect" simplifies bulk pulses sourcing. Let us handle logistics, while you focus on your business. Simplify procurement now!

Prices & Fees

NGF Global fees

Trading Costs

Tools Subscriptions

Pulses Storage

Ensured to offer the most competitive prices in the market. The determining factors fall mainly into the following categories: Commercial Grains, Specialty Crops, and common pulses. Incentives are applicable. Get in touch with us and speak with our team members right away.

An innovative online platform for buyers to manage various tools for their individual sourcing, purchasing, and demand control.

You'll be able to arrange storage for the pulses you're buying in bulk, which will be delivered at a later date. A modest monthly fee per bushel is payable directly to the farmer with whom you're in negotiations.

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NGF Global Enhancing Crop Quality

At NGF Global, we recognize the importance of delivering premium quality wheat for farmers and buyers alike. Through our extensive array of laboratory tests, we strive to enhance the cultivation and distribution process, advocating for sustainable farming techniques and guaranteeing the supply of exceptional wheat to the market.

Lab Tests for Wheat Evaluation






  • MANY MORE.....

Transforming Business Models with our Smart Agribusiness Approach?

NGF Global is revolutionizing traditional business models in agribusiness, and its cutting-edge "Connect" platform allows buyers and farmers alike to maximize their profits. With a focus on helping buyers to buy pulses in bulk, our connect-management and trading platform offers a range of features to streamline the entire sourcing process. Through features like Marketplace, Map & Search, Messaging, Negotiations, and Production Contracts; this innovative platform connects producers and buyers directly, transforming the agri industry.

Connect platform features

Here are a few unique features available to optimize your experience when selling and sourcing through the Connect platform

Online Marketplace

Discover and purchase wheat in bulk directly from dedicated farmers with our streamlined sourcing system!

New Map Search Options

Empower your search with our map function, enabling you to set routes and locate targeted wheat sources effortlessly.

Instant Messaging

Seamlessly connect with wheat farmers and effortlessly share documents within the listing messages.

Production Contracts

Effortlessly create your own Wheat Production Contract and instantly access vast acres with just a click.


All negotiated details are documented to facilitate the creation of your wheat purchase contract through our trading platform when buying in bulk.

Grain Cart

List multiple offerings and purchase wheat in bulk from various sellers, all with a single payment. Simply upload settlement sheets, and let your "Grain Cart" manage the rest seamlessly on your behalf.

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New Map Search Options

Utilize our map search tool to set and view directions from your starting point to your destination, while also easily locating specific pulses-related locations with our search feature, offering efficient mapping tailored to your needs.

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I am a Farmer

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