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Welcome Buyers!

Technology and Tools that work for You

agriculture marketplace


Source Smarter! Filter search the exact details of the crop you are looking to purchase and do business directly with the farmer who produced that crop.

Map & Search

Set a radius or start and end points to target source listings or market production contracts to Farmers.


When you message through a listing, you are speaking directly with the farmer. Even share documents directly though the listing messages.

Production Contracts

Create your own Production Contract and effortlessly reach millions of acres at the touch of a button. 


All details negotiated are captured to build your contract when selling your listing.

Storage - delivery - payments

Grain Cart

Add as many listings as you want and make a single payment. Upload settlement sheets and let your "Grain Cart" work for you.

Crop Testing and Certs.

All grading, documents, and certs. are required for all currently harvest crops listed.

 Consistency delivers fewer losses in time and costs.


As the Buyer, you have multiple options to have tests accomplished to ensure you are getting the best representation of the product you are purchasing or contracting to have produced.

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Prices & Fees

NGF Global fees

 Fees applied by category;

Commercial Grains or Specialty Crops.

Incentives apply

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Invoice and payment options


Take complete control of your payment options and do it with ease. Fees applied are of the transaction value.



Split payments. 


Full payment upon receipt & delivery

To learn more about our payments and details, visit  

"Payment Policies" to learn more.

Join a community designed for Agribusiness

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